Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Keeping our Kids Healthy

We are all well aware of that there is great concern for the upcoming flu season. According to the CDC there have been over 5000 hospitalizations associated with the H1N1 virus. CDC analysis supports the conclusion that the virus has caused the greatest burden on people younger than 25 years of age. The presence of this flu may be unavoidable but there are steps we will take to protect our students and staff:
  • Frequent contact and communication with our parish health minister, county health department and Office of Education
  • Encourage families to obtain the flu vaccine for all family members
  • Remind both staff and students to stay at home if flu symptoms are present
  • Teach kids to cough into their elbow and cover their cough
  • Wash hands Wash hands Wash hands!
  • Keep Purell containers in classrooms filled
  • Encourage correct tissue diposal in proper receptacles
  • Regularly clean door knobs, desk tops, telephones
  • Have a plan in place for teaching students at home for extended length of time
  • Have a plan in place should school need to be closed

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