Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kids are Kids

People think that as teachers we have the best jobs in the world because we (supposedly) have three months of vacation every summer and weeks off of school during the school year for vacation. Hmmm, well here's a shocker: we do have the best jobs in the world but not because of vacations. Our best days as teachers are filled with smiles from children, thank you's from parents, and understanding from one another. Kids are kids and kids have faults just like adults do, thank goodness each day we start anew with God. Some kids can sit in their seat without reminders from teacher, some kids bring their homework to school each day complete, some kids are happy and helpful to everyone they meet. Some kids cannot, do not, and are not. But, we love them just the same because they are God's children. They are not perfect and we recognize that and meet them where they are. As parents, many of us have had the same struggles you have. So, talk to us when you need to vent & let us pray for patience, peace, and always love for your family. Do the same for us!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hot Lunch and Helpers

Every day we have nutritious lunches for our students. Of course, some lunches they prefer better than others. It seems Pizza Thursday is always a bit hit with most kids ordering pizza which is usually served with salad and a dessert. This year we have been getting Little Caesar's Pizza. The kids like it and the price is right. One of our great parent volunteers picks up the pizza from the Shaw & Fowler store and gets it to school by 11:15, ready for our first lunch at 11:30am. Monday and Tuesday our lunch is catered from Moving Feast. We enjoy a varied menu each month; baked chicken, spaghetti, lumpia, and even breakfast of pancakes and bacon for lunch. The kids think that is "cool." Each Wednesday a local restuarant delivers us either baked potatos or chow mein along with a fortune cookie. We thank Flamous Grill for serving our students and our school so well. We couldnt provide lunches each day of the week without the efforts of our Hot Lunch coordinator Ms Chavez and her assistant Ms Claudia Melgoza. Together they make sure we have a menu and order form to order our lunches each month and they make sure there are volunteers to serve lunch to the students. Thank you!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Graders and Jump Rope

I had such a great time this week with excited 1st graders learning how to jump rope. I watch the 4th graders jumping and singing songs while they jump that I forget that jumping and singing is not that easy for a first grader. As a matter of fact, it can be quite challenging. The most difficult thing about jumping rope for a first grader seems to be the timing. Their little feet just want to go up into the air before the rope starts turning and by the time the rope is back on the ground their feet are on top of it! They try so hard and I really think that in another couple of weeks they will be able to sing while they are jumping. I'm ready for some Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around......Keep practicing first graders. You're doing a great job.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Festival is September 12th

Plan to come and join us for our first fundraiser of the school year. From 12:00-8:00pm your family, friends, and neighbors are invited to eat, listen to music, play games, get your face painted, win a cake at the cake walk, enter the Bake-Off contest and more!
Play Bingo~Visit the Car Show~Throw a pie at your teacher~
A fun day is planned for all. Thank you to our great committee of hardworking parents getting ready for the day.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

The students are back! Yeah! Student Council led us in prayer and Father Robert blessed our school year. Our teachers were here early this morning getting the final touches put on classrooms and Ms Chavez was ready to greet Day Care kids. Morning Day Care is now in Room 4, which is the former Computer Lab. Even if you are not in 4th grade you are welcome to stop in and see what a great job Ms Garcia did in turning the space into a welcoming place for her class this year. More later and even some pictures too thanks to Mr. Baker, our resident photographer. Blessings for a beautiful and prosperous year of learning.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Raffle Tickets for Sale

Our annual Festival will be held on Sunday September 12 on the school grounds and at Notre Dame Hall across the street from 12:00-8:00pm. Plan to attend after Mass on Sunday!

Raffle Tickets are now on sale. All OLPH school families should plan on selling at least two books. Sell chances to win $ to your family members, neighbors, and friends.

Volunteers are needed to help with the Silent Auction and Game Booths. If you haven't already signed up, call the school office today.

Cheering for OLPH

This summer our Cheerleaders practiced with Ms Shawna Pribble at LaBella Dance and learned dances and cheers that will WOW us during our Sports seasons. The group attended cheer camp at Clovis High School and we are proud of them! Cheerleading is open to girls in grades 4th-8th. Join this energetic and enthusiastic group this year by calling the school office for more information. GO COUGARS