Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kids are Kids

People think that as teachers we have the best jobs in the world because we (supposedly) have three months of vacation every summer and weeks off of school during the school year for vacation. Hmmm, well here's a shocker: we do have the best jobs in the world but not because of vacations. Our best days as teachers are filled with smiles from children, thank you's from parents, and understanding from one another. Kids are kids and kids have faults just like adults do, thank goodness each day we start anew with God. Some kids can sit in their seat without reminders from teacher, some kids bring their homework to school each day complete, some kids are happy and helpful to everyone they meet. Some kids cannot, do not, and are not. But, we love them just the same because they are God's children. They are not perfect and we recognize that and meet them where they are. As parents, many of us have had the same struggles you have. So, talk to us when you need to vent & let us pray for patience, peace, and always love for your family. Do the same for us!

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