Thursday, February 26, 2009

SLE's in First Grade

Each day at OLPH School our students learn something new and continue their path to becoming Life Long Learners. In our First Grade classroom you will always see student writing displayed and students reading books chosen for them and books they have chosen for themselves. Teachers plan lessons that follow the Curriculum Guidelines that can be found on our school web site. The Schoolwide Learning Expectations on this day:
  • Listen to others
  • Write neatly on all classwork
  • Finish all classwork by doing your best

Happy Valentine's Day

On Friday February 13th our students spent the afternoon sharing time with their buddy class and exchanging Valentine's with their own classmates. Yes, they had plenty of pizza, candy, and other goodies to go around but our wonderful Parent Club made sure to provide them with a healthy treat: an apple and a stick of cheese. Thank you Parent Club! We appreciate the parents that sent in treats and were on campus to help organize the afternoon for teachers and of course, help clean up too. Now students, did everyone remember to brush and floss when you got home?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dinner Dance Fundraiser May 16, 2009

Chaiperson: Jorge Carrizalez
Silent Auction: Amalia Fullenkamp
Invites: JP Nunez
Clovis Memorial Hall
Hor dourves & Silent Auction @ 5:30pm
Dinner & Live Auction
Live Band and Dancing
All for $50.00 per person! Plan to gather a table of 8 and support our biggest fundraiser of the school year.

The ABC's of Fire Extinguishers

Mr. Baker spent some time with our teachers recently making sure everyone remembers just how to use a fire extinguisher: PASS=Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep. Fires can be dangerous and we want to be certain that we will not endanger either ourselves or others if we need to put out a fire. If a fire is discovered, always remember to #1 assist any person in danger to safety #2 call 911 or activate the building alarm. If the fire is small, you can attempt to use the extinguisher but only after you have done both things above. Good job Mr. Dodd and thank you Mr. Baker.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy January Birthday

The last Friday of every month we celebrate all student birthdays for the month by having students stand before us as we sing them Happy Birthday. Students receive a sweet treat and hopefully have a great day knowing we love them and wish them a great month of joy!

Jump Roping at Recess

The rules are simple and few. Jumprope is a cooperative effort and is being seen more these days on campus. Younger students sing a song or say a rhyme as they jump, while the older kids jump and laugh or sometimes count. Double dutch, using two ropes, has been spotted too, twice as hard, but twice the fun! Remember...Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around, Teddy Bear , Teddy Bear touch the ground, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear climb the stairs, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear say your prayers? Have fun and play safe--

Fencing with Vladimir Ostatnigrosh

Every Tuesday you will find 14 students working with Coach Vladimir to learn the history and elemental techniques of three weapons used in the modern sport of fencing: foil, epee, and sabre.
This beginning class in fencing focuses on developing a strong foundation in basic fencing while developing responsible athletes. Each bout begins with the students greeting their opponent appropriately and ends with a handshake. As you can see in the picture, students wear protective gear while being coached by a professional Ukrainian coach. Our students hope to continue learning and compete one day in the newest sport to be adopted at our school.

Congratulations Scouts

On Saturday, Webelo and Boy Scouts gathered at St. John's Cathedral to celebrate mass with Bishop Steinbock and receive awards for recent achievements. Marcus Flores and Lauro Platas received the Parvuli Dei Award. This is a Christian family emblem awarded for studying and advancing in both religious knowledge and spiritual formation. With the help of parents and scout leaders, the boys became more aware of God's presence in their daily lives and completed the Parvuli Dei booklet assigned. Dominic Roberts and William Schultz received the Ad Altare Dei Award, a beautiful medal and blessings from the Bishop. The purpose of earning the award is to equip the scout to take his place in the world as a maturing Catholic and a maturing American. During the process of completing the work towards earning the medal, Dominic and William studied the seven sacraments in depth. Congratulations boys, we are proud of your accomplishments and proud to have the opportunity to attend such a special occasion with you!