Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In 2010 Vow to Teach your Children How to be Heatlthy

Research indicates that physical activity and good nutrition are linked to better academic performance, in addition to better physical and mental health. They can also help prevent and fight overweight and obesity, which currently affects one in three children in the U.S.
Parents and caregivers can make simple changes that go a long way in helping children:
#1 Be active as a family: Take a walk, ride bikes, play at the park
#2 Be a Good Role Model: Show your kids how to eat healthy foods by eating them yourself
#3 Add more fruits & vegetables to your family's diet: Have your kids help prepare meals, they'll be eager to eat the food they fix
#4 Offer non-food rewards: Play a game, offer a small trinket from a treasure chest
#5 Support Healthy practices at school: Offer to bring fruit & vegggies to offer alongside cookies and cupcakes at class party. Support non-food rewards such as extra recess.

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