Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Studying for Social Studies Test

This morning I find myself in Room 7 with 6th grade while Ms. Sanchez visits the doctor for a follow up appointment after her gall bladder surgery. Which I might add she healed from quickly and is looking very well. The class is working hard on their study guide in preparation for their test tomorrow. I'm going to bother a couple of them and have them share what they have learned between pages 286 and 384. First up is Andrew: I think Chapter 7 teaches us about Ancient Greece, it's about Alexander the Great, the Persian Wars, the Golden Age of Greece and many other things. Alexander the Great was my favorite part. Next up is Nicole: Chapter 7 teaches us about how the Greek lived, and who the Sparta fought with and what age they got picked to go to the war. We've also learned about Alexander the Great. Pray for them to do well tomorrow and continue to love social studies!

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