Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Windows for our School

Last week our classrooms & computer lab windows were replaced. The project was started on the Monday we were gone for the MLK holiday and finished while we were on campus and could watch the action! Actually, classrooms had to to find other homes on campus to hold class for a few hours, but everyone smiled and remained flexible. The new windows will allow the heat to stay inside our classrooms better and they just look so good! We thank all the teachers and students for your patience during this process and hope you enjoy the windows built and installed by Gilwin Manufacturing in Modesto. (That's a picture of our great 3rd class being held in the Day Care room while their classroom windows were being replaced).


Mark A. said...

That was not comfertable in that tiny room. But it did pay of when we got new windows!!!!!!!!Mark(map)

OLPH Cougar Classroom said...

I look mad in the picture, but I wasn't! I really wasn't! It was an adventure being in the daycare room, and the reward was having beautiful new windows!

Mrs. Forcey