Monday, November 10, 2008

Friday Mass

Each Friday a different class or group prepares the liturgy and music. This week our Student Council prepared a wonderful liturgy filled with inspirational songs. In this picture you won't see the president. He must be off doing presidential duties while the VP, & commisioners of Religion, Spirit, and Ecology pose for a quick picture after mass. Also after mass, I take a few moments to talk to the K-8 kids briefly, summarizing the week's events or sharing some words of wisdom, always guided by the holy spirit! This week I reminded them of the amazing week that has made them a part of history: Mr. Barak Obama will be our first black president in January 2009. I shared with them that Pope Benedict called Mr. Obama this week to let him know he has faith in him to lead us into peace and unity. Along with Pope Benedict XVI we should continue to pray each day for Mr. Obama and his family. God Bless the USA!

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