Friday, October 31, 2008

Hamburger Anyone?

The 8th grade class, led by Mr. Dodd, all dressed as In N Out workers for our Halloween Carnival. Father Robert suited up (keeping his collar in place) and joined them as they won 1st Place in the group category! Way to go 8th grade. Thank you to Mr. McCollough for the very nice name tags and to our 8th grade moms for the clever idea. One day soon, the class will once again don their In N Out uniform and head unannouced to the restaurant at Herndon & Clovis for a milkshake. That will be a side splitting day I'm sure! Thank you to our School Board President, and 8th grade mom too, Mrs. Farley for assisting with the very Haunted House enjoyed by all. Have a spoooooky night everyone and we'll see you back safe on Monday.


Isidore Of Seville said...

OK... Father Robert gets the 'coolest priest' award for today. What a blessing to have him as our Pastor and what a great witness for vocations to the priesthood! Mr. Dodd and Mrs. Farley are pretty cool, too. :-)

Have Fun Teaching said...

Hey there, thanks for the post on the way...the burger costumes are great, and Yes, I would like fries with that.